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Just want to say how great it was working with this company!.. excellent service from get go.. Thanks guys keep it up.. love me new Toyota Camry..

Mike    July 22, 2016    Glendale   

I just leased my car from Vartan @LLMOTORS... the process was beyond easy. Not only did I pay LITTLE down payment, but my monthly payments are so low its unbelievable. He is amazing to work with, responsible, reliable, and fast. I would recommend LLMOTORS to all my friends and family.

Lusine    July 20, 2016    Hollywood, CA   

Great company to work with!!!

Vartan    July 18, 2016    Glendale   

Amazing Service! Great price! The entire process was super easy from start to finish.

Lena S.    June 19, 2016    Manhattan, NY   

LLMOTORS is a place where all your expectations are fulfilled.
I was looking for a car for my wife and this place was the only place that gave the best deal. Vardan went out of his ways and even found the type, color and package of the car I had wanted. In other places they usually say that that's all they got and there's nothing more they can do about. However, Vardan was so kind and helpful that he even asked my wife if she has a degree, because with that we could save a lot of money and we did; we received a $1,000 off on our deal and got our Lexus CT. Nobody has ever asked me about this and I never knew anything about this kind of promotion and this guy at LLMOTORS was such an honest guy that he really cared about his customers and wanted the best for them. Long story short, you guys should get all your cars from them because they are very honest and caring people.
Thank you LLMOTORS for the great job you and and your team do. I'm looking forward to getting many more cars from you.

Hovhannes    May 11, 2016   

I was looking for a car for about 2 months and every broker I spoke with gave me terrible deals. I came to LLMotors and got offered the most amazing deal on the fully loaded Audi A3. I made a decision and walked out with my brand new baby in just a day. Thanks to Arthur from LLMotors, I now have the car I always wanted. Definitely recommend buying or leasing your next car from him. You will not regret it!

Wendy L.    April 22, 2016    Los Angeles, CA   

Wouldn't recommend any other leasing companies beside llmotors in Glendale Arthur is your number 1 guy to go to for great deals on lease or buy with no doubt Arthur at llmotors is the person to go to I got my car today from Arthur he gave me good service and a great deal on my 2016 Lexus is200t f-sport once again thank you Arthur so much will see you soon for my next car

Avedis D.    April 21, 2016    Granada Hills, CA   

My second review. Got my license plates already. No problems, no long waiting, no stupid conversations about additional service that I don't need, like salespeople at dealerships always starts. Thanks Arthur! My next car I will get from this place again. Don't waste your time with dealerships. Just come to LlMotors

Mr. G.    April 14, 2016    Los Angeles, CA   

GREAT SERVICE!!! This was by far the easiest and fastest service in leasing a car. One phone call is all it took, my car was ready to be picked up within hours.

I was on a set budget and Vartan went above and beyond to offer me the best car at an unbelievable price.

If you're in the market for a car... look no further. These guys live up to their great reviews.

Thank you LL Motors!

Isabella Y.    April 9, 2016    Glendale, CA   

Best car buying experience! Arthur got me the best deal on my favorite car Audi A5. His professionalism and expertise made my buying experience memorable. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to lease or buy.

Hemmy B.    April 6, 2016    Beverly Hills, CA   

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