Leasing Cars from Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA

Leasing Cars from Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA

Should I Buy a Used Car or Lease a New Car from Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA?

This is the most common question among car shoppers looking to lease from auto leasing brokers in Glendale CA. Right off the bat, many people will tell you to always buy a used vehicle.

Don’t be quick to make a decision though. The answer completely depends on your personal preferences and financial situation. With an estimated 18 million brand new vehicles projected to be sold next year, many people obviously prefer to lease a new car.

There are people who always buy used cars due a limited budget, taking advantage of the low cost of used vehicles. Of course, buying a used car comes with the added risk of problems or title issues which can be avoided with smart buying habits.

Drivers who prefer to lease new cars typically enjoy the benefits that a new vehicle offers. They also have the option of trading the car for an even newer model within a short period of time, having the most up-to-date features.

Auto leasing brokers in Glendale CA can help you make the best decision in regards to leasing or buying a car.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of buying used cars vs. leasing new cars:

Pros of Buying a Used Car with Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA

-Wide variety of makes, models, ages, mileages, and prices

-Avoid high first-year value loss

-You can research vehicle history reports and reliability reports to help determine future reliability

-Ability to get a professional mechanic’s inspection to help avoid buying problem cars

-Lower sales tax, personal property tax, and insurance

-Almost-new cars provide same styling and technology at a lower price

Cons of Buying a Used Car with Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA

-Car is bought “as-is” unless the seller provides a written guarantee, warranty, or return policy

-More time is spent searching, test driving, and inspecting before finding the right car

-Risk of buying a problem or salvage vehicle unless it is thoroughly inspected

-Higher interest rates than new-car loans

-Fewer technology and safety features

Pros of Leasing a Brand New Car with Auto Leasing Brokers in Glendale CA

-Get to drive in the latest styles with new safety features and technology

-Full manufacturer’s warranty

-New-car Lemon Law protection is applicable

-Lower loan interest rates than used-car loans

-Possibility of special incentives, rebates, low-interest loans, 0% loans, special lease deals

-Can change or update your car within a couple of years

If budget is not a factor, and you want worry-free driving with full warranties and all the latest tech and safety features, then leasing a new car with auto leasing brokers in Glendale CA may be the right answer for you. Always consider the right choice for your personal preferences and budget, because in the end you are the one driving the car.